You Are Not Going To Win Always - And It's Okay

Hey👋 folks, welcome to my weekly journal. The past week was not a win, I pretty much missed every goal of the week. So this article is more about what I missed and where I failed and less about what I managed to get done.

  • Didn't organize Git and GitHub workshop
  • Failed to write the article on Git and GitHub
  • Didn't post anything on Twitter
  • Didn't practice javascript

You are not always winning

I am not down, I believe in my plan and I'm going to keep working on it. Not every night I'll check all the tasks from my To-Do list, there will be days when I'll not be able to do anything. I know you might feel like everybody else is always productive and they are always killing bugs, making cool projects, getting high-paying clients, internships, or jobs, and all the other things you see when you go through your LinkedIn or Twitter feed. But that's not how things are for everyone, and if you are one of those people you are not alone, I am one of you.

First I thought not to write this article as it's not adding any value to the reader, but then it occurred to me that this isn't about people who are on track and doing good. This article is for those who are feeling low because of a few setbacks that they have faced. To those people I want to say, there will be times when everything will not go as planned, it might be because you messed up or something else came up which was not in your control. Don't feel low and try again, correct the things that are in your control and try not to mess up again.

Coming back to myself, I made some mistakes and I'll make sure not to repeat them again.

  • I'll try to be consistent this week
  • Write two articles(to cover for this week's loss)
  • Practice Javascript
  • Tweet 2-3 threads

Thanks for reading! I hope it helped you, and you'll also try again and get better this week.

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