Setting Up My First Open-Source Project

Setting Up My First Open-Source Project

Hey👋 everyone, and welcome to the second publication of my weekly journal series. Let's see what I managed to get done this week.


1. Updated my GitHub profile

Creating a proper readme for your GitHub profile is a task. I was avoiding it for the past few weeks but finally managed to finish it this week. Having a decent readme on your GitHub profile is important, it helps visitors know more about you, your projects, and your interests in tech. If you don't want to spend hours creating a readme for your profile, you can fork my readme and use that. Or you can make one from scratch.

If you want to start from scratch then here are some tools that can help you:

Do check out my profile readme👇

2. Did some design work

Not much work, but it took a few hours to design Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub headers. I used canva to design these headers. What do you think about them? lemme know in the comments.

3. Started learning about APIs

I'm following Angela Yu's full-stack web development Bootcamp. This week I started the API module and it's very interesting and fun to play with, you can do so much. I learned about how to set up your own server using Express in just a few lines of code, going to write an article about it pretty soon. Got to know how you can make a GET request to an external server using HTTPS. The references I used other than the course:

3. Started my first Open-Source project

I have created an open-source project on github, it will be a repository of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code snippets that can be used to create components like,

  • Navigation Bar
  • Profile Card
  • Hero Section
  • Contact Form
  • Reviews Card
  • Product Card
  • Theme Toggle And other things like these, that can be reused by developers in their future projects. Here is an example of a Profile Card:

Screenshot 2022-04-10 193922.png

I would like to invite you all to give your precious contribution to this project.

Plans for the coming week

  • I want to host a workshop on "How to use Git, GitHub, and get started with Open Source and make your first contribution" next Sunday. To keep track follow me on Twitter @muditwt
  • Create more templates for the Open-Source Project
  • Write one article


This is all that I managed to get done this week. It was not the most productive week, the mornings especially, were not so efficient. Still happy with how it turned out in the end.

Thanks for reading, I hope the resources that I have shared will help you, looking forward to see you folks contribute to the project.

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